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Page history last edited by keith_hodges 14 years, 11 months ago

Fixes that can be applied to 3.9 to produce 3.9.1

see also: From39To391MantisFixes-unstable (for fix candidates)

User Interface

6466 LazyListMorph-listChanged

category: Morphic minor author: ar

This fix was uploaded to squeak-dev by Andreas Raab. It this fixes the behaviour that some list morphs need to be resized in order to be used, this is particularly noticable in 3.9. When opening a PackagePaneBrowser the left hand list is not scrollable.


Installer mantis fixBug: '6466 LazyListMorph-listChanged'.




4740Meaningless yes/no confirmation popups

category: System author: dpollet

Attached changeset gives more relevant labels to the confirmation popup that appears when you close a workspace that has unaccepted changes.


"While searching how to change this I found several different ways to implement confirm:... so this should probably refactored by someone that has a better idea of how it should be done than me."


Core Classes

3568 Ensure asFloat answers nearest fp number

category: minor author: nicolas cellier

Fraction>>asFloat does not answer nearest floating point number.


3574 Fix String>>findFirstInString

category: major author: nicolas cellier

String>>findFirstInString:inSet:startingAt: did not work if character of interest is last character in String, also WideString


5700 Print Wide-Characters safely

category: Squeak-Collections minor author: renggli (needs test?)

Prints wide-character using the safe form: (Character value: xxxx) rather than $



6180 Smalltalk freeSomeSpace

category: Kernel feature author: kph

Adds #freeSpace to SystemDictionary to provide a standard way of cleaning up an image. (See FreeSpaceFeatureDocumentation) Added a call to freeSpace to the lowMemoryWatcher as well.

Installer mantis fixBug: '6180: Smalltalk freeSpace'.


6472 TraitBehavior>>#allClassVarNames is undefined

TraitBehavior contains class compatibility messages. However #allClassVarNames is not implemented. eCompletion crashes often because of that. Attached patch implemented this missing method.


5936 Backward compatibility fix for MethodNode API

category: author: Gilad Bracha , md

Bug found and fix suggested by Gilad Bracha:


This method replaced


This changeset adds the compatibility method.


5935 MethodNodePrintOnFix

author: md

(DisplayScreen class reformatMethodAt: #actualScreenDepth) is broken in 3.9 (because

of method pragmas. This changeset has a test (by Stephane Ducasse) and a fix (by md).

Installer mantis fixBug: '5935 MethodNodePrintOnFix-md'.


6340 Smalltalk specialObjectsArray fails to print

category: Squeak Kernel Minor author: loewis

Smalltalk specialObjectsArray fails to print and inspect, because object 36 is a MethodContext with a nil method. This change detects that case and processes it appropriately


6440 UndoBehaviorHash NOT LOADED



We added this changeset to 3.9:


http://bugs.squeak.org/view.php?id=1632 ^


which made the hash of Behaviors to be calculated by the name.

This has very bad consequences for Obsolete classes, as Obsoletion is

a property defined by name only


This changeset removes Behavior>>#hash and rehashes all sets (which has the nice side effect of making the image some 600Kb smaller, too).

" Installer mantis fixBug: '6440 fix UndoBehaviorHash-md'. "

5676 make Delay thread safe

Installer mantis ensureFix: '5676 make Delay thread safe'.

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