Squeak 3.9.1+

This is the site for collaborating on the specification for 3.9.1 (Pending objections, this is the de-facto 3.9.1, the future of squeak 3.9)

How it works: This website, which you can contribute to, forms an executable script that can be applied to Squeak3.9-final-7067, to form Squeak3.9.1a1-test, when we are eventually satisifed the release will be published in packages to a monticello repository, and all being well, Squeak3.9.1b1-release-candidate will be created by loading the packages into Squeak3.9-final. The documentation for this release, any improved packages and fixes will also be generated from this website in pdf.

This is the script you run from the command-line to generate your own copy of Squeak3.9.1a1-test to try out. This will apply the From39To391 script, and on completion save the image and quit.


squeak Squeak3.9-final-7067.image Installer path= install=From39To391 SmalltalkImage save=Squeak3.9.1a1-test +quit

Current Status

At present the script From39To391 is a roadmap, it contains items 'TO BE COMPLETED'. When we have completed filling in the gaps, we shall have our 3.9.1 . Report/Log problems to ProcessBugs